A toxicologist report lists numerous asbestos cases in Libby.

MesotheliomaCancerNews.com  – In the trial of specialty chemical company W.R. Grace, a toxicologist testified Thursday that numerous cases of disease related to asbestos had occurred in the Montana town of Libby. As reported by Missoulian.com, a report from Dr. Daniel Teitelbaum, a toxicologist who was commissioned to oversee a study on miners in 1977, cited that several cases of asbestos disease was seen in patients in the town.

The report, released in 1978, is quoted by the Missoulian as stating, “As you indicated before the project began, there is a substantial difference in the attack rates of asbestos and possible asbestos disease between the South Carolina and Montana facilities. In fact, we had only one case of clear asbestos disease in South Carolina and a few cases of possible asbestos disease. There are numerous cases of asbestos disease in Montana… The incidence of disease is independent of age, since there are a number of quite young individuals with obvious asbestos disease in Montana. Probably the difference lies in total exposure, fiber size, and mineral form.”

The company reportedly failed to do a follow up of the information from the study.

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