A new drug may prevent asbestos effects Mesothelioma Cancer News

Scientists may have found a new drug that could be a safeguard against the dangerous effects of the inhalation of toxic asbestos fibers. As reported by Telegraph.co.uk, a recently published study may have identified why the fibers cause mesothelioma and related conditions and may soon lead to protection for individuals exposed to asbestos.As noted in the report, researchers have linked lung inflammation after inhalation of the fibers to a protein complex called Nalp3 inflammasome.

Anakinra, a drug used to treat gout, is now being viewed as a possible medication to treat inflammation of the lungs, and slow the progression of asbestos related diseases.Prof Jurg Tschopp, with the University of Lausanne, is quoted as stating of the study, “Because exposure to asbestos increases not only the risk of asbestosis, but also lung cancer, mesothelioma, and other uncurable cancers, this suggested new treatment is highly desirable.”The study is published in Science magazine.

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