An upcoming renovation at the organization’s headquarters has some concerned about asbestos exposure.

Mesothelioma Cancer News —  Many have reportedly expressed concerns about impending renovations at the U.N. headquarters. As reported by Reuters, some of the staff at the international organization have voiced concerns over security and asbestos exposure risks possibly posed by the $2 billion renovation plans for the building, which is 60 years old.

Asbestos removal for the 40-story building is one of the main points of concern. Stephen Kisambira, United Nations staff union president, is quoted in the Reuters report as stating, “Asbestos abatement is a serious issue… The risk is there … They are saying that nothing can go wrong. How can they be sure?” Kisambira is also said to remark on issues with the bar on lawsuits against contractors performing the removal because of the U.N.’s legal status, which some believe will make the contractors less cautious than normal.

Photo Credit: Patrick Gruban

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