Workers reportedly violated laws by not getting approvals before asbestos ridden building demolition. West Palm Beach, FL —

West Palm Beach, FL — – Demolition workers in West Palm Beach reportedly violated the law in the demolition of an asbestos ridden condo tower that had been destroyed by a hurricane. As reported by the Palm Beach Post, Trinity Development Group workers failed to get required approvals before going forth with the demolition, which may have landed them in hot water.

Alex Ortega the Asbestos Program Coordinator with the health department is quoted in the report as stating of the issue, “By removing asbestos-containing material from the building, we believe they violated federal rules… This abatement has to be conducted under wet conditions. They have to have water. We don’t even know if that building has water available at this point, or, with the building being closed for so many years, what are the safety conditions.”

A meeting is set for Wednesday to talk about the purported violations and the next steps for completing the project.

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