Judge in W.R. Grace case allows the trial to continue.

A federal judge decided not to dismiss charges against chemical company W.R. Grace & Company on Tuesday. As reported by the New York Times, Judge Donald W. Molloy stated he would allow the case to continue despite purported shortcomings of federal prosecutors. Molloy reportedly also stated he would allow testimony by the prosecution’s star witness to remain on record, despite accusations that he lied on the witness stand.

As noted in the report, the judge allowed defense attorneys to recall Locke so they would be able to challenge statements he made previously during trial. Locke reportedly advised jurors to view testimony from Locke with skepticism.

W.R. Grace, along with former executives of the company, has been charged with knowingly releasing asbestos from its plant and endangering individuals in Libby, Montana in addition to conspiracy and obstruction of justice. As noted by the Times, numerous people in Libby have died or become ill due to asbestos-related diseases.