Dallas, Texas (MesotheliomaCancerNews.Com) — Fire in buildings that contain asbestos in the ceilings, walls and flooring brings new health hazards for those who are merely occupants of the place or are residing around the vicinity.

Fire destroys a structure and exposes the asbestos contained in the walls resulting in the disbursement of loose asbestos fibers which can easily be inhaled by the people in the surrounding area.

Asbestos, the naturally occurring mineral used as insulation material, was used in the building walls, ceilings, tiles, air conditioning systems.

On one hand, the magic mineral saves the lives of people from fire and heat. However, it exposes health risks to people who come in contact with asbestos, as the airborne asbestos particles cannot be seen with the human eye and  can settle around the inside the bodily organs,  damage them and fatally injure the person inhaling these fibers finally causing mesothelioma cancer.

Who is responsible for the ill health of all those who come into contact with asbestos? Is the government responsible for allowing free use of asbestos even after knowing the health risks asbestos poses or is the asbestos industry responsible, the insurance company or the people themselves are responsible who without full knowledge of the health risks opted to make their income stream get better by working for asbestos industry and are now forced to live with mesothelioma cancer.

Questions like these remain unanswered while the mesothelioma patient continue to suffer from their illness.