The opening of a new international research project, the Barnie Banten Center, will be presenting great hopes for those who are suffering from the deadly disease of asbestosis and mesothelioma cancer.

This new center has been named after an Australian, who died of the mesothelioma cancer, in Nov. 2007. This is the world’s largest center that will be providing facilities for diagnosis and treatment to save the victims.

The Barnie Banten Center has been established in Australia, with a view to play a vital role for the sufferers of mesothelioma, in Australia and the rest of the world. The basic aim is to collect and round up all the research work on one single platform,Asbestos, being a commercial name for a silicate mineral, is used mostly for building products, such as insulation and roofing. This product is very durable and resistant to heat, electricity and fireThe asbestos material has now been banned in the developing world, but its mining is still in extensive progress in Canada and Australia. It is exported to India and Russia.

Australia is the most contaminated place in the world, where thousands of people are suffering from this disease.Due to the fineness of the asbestos fiber, during mining, or being in the vicinities of its production, in shipyards, in the making of building constructions, in chemical plants, and particularly where the old and worn houses are torn apart, the spread of the fine particles of asbestos in the atmosphere, if inhaled , becomes the cause of this deadly infection, with particular reference to the infections of the chest and lungs in the case of mesothelioma cancer.

The mesothelioma cancer can be localized or spread in an inflammatory form on the lungs or in the abdominal cavity, or on the other organs of the body, creating inability to continue the life routine. Factors like hard breathing and constant pain lead towards nothing but the end of life. The malignant cancerous cells that are related with the asbestos, are the main cause of mesothelioma, and once, they start spreading, treatment becomes more and more difficult.

The prognosis, determined for the sufferer is very short and painfulSuch a patient keeps on fighting with the disease with hard breathing and constant pain, and having a feeling of sinking, day by day, till he breathes his last. This is a disease that takes a long time to develop, till the relevant signs appear. Once the symptoms are diagnosed, the life pattern changes, making the life more difficult and terrible.For the majority of the patients, the life span becomes very short. The period, after the symptoms have shown their appearance is hardly of six to eight months, and this is the period, where the disease casts its shadows of aggressiveness and pain.In this new center, therapies like chemotherapy, are being combined with radiation and surgery and are proving helpful.

The research team of scholars, is trying to identify the typical path that the disease takes through the body organs and the genetic tracks.Professor Nico Van Zandwijk, the Inaugural Director of the Institute said, that for the research team, it is a challenge, to open before the world, the secrets of the asbestos related diseases, including the mesothelioma, and find easy and practical ways of treatment. He further said, that about 700 people are being diagnosed per year in Australia. By the year 2020, up to 4000 people will be facing this disease.The center is just like the silver lining behind a dark cloud…its a ray of hope that could be seen glittering in the eyes of these patients, who are now a part of this research.. They are confident, that very soon, there will be a break-through, and chances of survival will be better. They say that ‘something’ will come forward, for their welfare.One of these patients said, that this cancer is a ‘man-made cancer, and it is the determined man, who will find its cure, and relieve the sufferings of these people, increasing their chances of survival.

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