Tests of samples in a New South Wales community have confirmed the presence of asbestos.

Mesothelioma Cancer News – Tests have confirmed the presence of asbestos in an aboriginal community in New South Wales. As reported by ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) News, samples taken from materials left in the area’s Wallaga Lake homes following the demolition of old properties in the 1990s were recently found to test positive for asbestos.

As noted in the ABC report, the samples contained two types of asbestos Chrysotile and Amosite. The next step will reportedly be to assess the volume of the toxic mineral present throughout the area.

Many are calling for the dismissal of Aboriginal Affairs Minister Paul Lynch due to his purported inaction on the asbestos issue prior. Andrew Constance is quoted as stating in the report, “His department was in attendance at meetings in 2007 over this issue. He would have been briefed at that time… For him to now not be accountable and to not show any interest in the local community, I think it’s time for the Premier to step in and dismiss him from the portfolio responsibilities of Aboriginal Affairs.”

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