Both are cancers of the lungs and at one go, there seems to no difference. However, both the forms of cancer lead to the same fate, that is, death. The pain and sufferings and the health issues including life expectancy is same and practically the treatments option in mesothelioma lung cancer and the lung cancer are also not different and have the same limitations. When looking into the issue of both lung cancers the main differences that is available are:

Lung cancer is caused mainly due to smoking, air pollution, age, and presence of other diseases in lungs. Mesothelioma lung cancer is solely attributed to the exposure to asbestos.

While in lung cancer the smokers of cigarette are at fault by not only exposing themselves to the cigarette smoke, it also hinders the lives of people who are attached to them by way of work, home, relationship and recreation. This means that passive smokers, too, carry changes of getting lung cancer as someone else close to them smokes cigarettes.

Mesothelioma lung cancer, a cancer that is related to the exposure to asbestos fibers is gifted to the workers of the asbestos industry by their employers. The workers, in this case, unknowingly exposed themselves to the asbestos fibers and inhaled these minute silvers fibers that not only damaging the walls of the lungs but also caused the lethal disease to leading to a fatal injury.

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