Attorneys have petitioned the government for the release of information on asbestos contamination at a VA facility.

Mesothelioma Cancer News (Marion, Illinois)—Requests have been made of the federal government to release information pertaining to asbestos contamination at an Illinois Veterans Administration medical facility. As reported by The Southern, attorneys for a man whose wife is a former employee of the Marion based VA Medical Center petitioned the government for all information about contamination at the center after the release of test results that revealed extreme asbestos levels were present.

Attorney John Alleman is quoted in the report as stating of the filing, “We want to know exactly what the VA and the U.S. government knows… If employees or others at the VA center have been contaminated, we need to get them (medical) treatment now.”

The petition may reportedly lead to a class action lawsuit for victims of asbestos exposure with a connection to the VA facility.

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