Claimants in an asbestos case against General Motors Corp are requesting a formal panel for the protection of their interests.

Mesothelioma Cancer News (New York) – Claimants in an asbestos case against General Motors Corp have expressed concerns that a plan to for the automanufacturer’s sale leaves them out of negotiations. As reported on, the claimants are requesting that an official committee be established to address the issue.

Attorneys for individuals suing the company over asbestos related injuries are quoted in the report as stating in a filing in a U.S. Bankruptcy Court, “Due process concerns limit the court’s ability to enter an order affecting the rights of unknown future claimants absent appointment of a legal representative to protect their interests… They cannot be bound by a reorganization of which they are unaware and in which they do not participate.”

The attorneys are further quoted as stating, “The magnitude of General Motors’ projected ongoing asbestos liability has been a matter of public knowledge and should have been addressed by both General Motors and the Auto Task Force in their restructuring activities.”

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