Dallas, TX: Gerald Gary, a Navy Man who breathed asbestos fibers during his days of service died at the age of 75. He struggled with mesothelioma cancer and lived for 16 months after being diagnosed with the lethal disease. Mesothelioma cancer did not give him the chance to defend himself in the court of law where he had filed for compensation against the manufacturers of gaskets and other parts at the ship which were laden with asbestos, reports Newport News.

Gery, told the jury in the video tape appearance in the court, after his death, that he had served the Navy for 20 years and had repaired thousands of vessel parts like gaskets, pumps etc that were loaded with asbestos and breathing in asbestos fibers.

The manufacturers of such parts were well aware with the effects asbestos fibers left on ones health, but did nothing to pre warn the workers and people who indulged in the repairs of such instruments used in Navy vessels. Use of asbestos was the obvious choice due to its heat resistant capability.

The lawyers defending Gary’s case told the jury that his death was preventable.

Four out of five manufacturers against whom the case was lodged settled out of court. The amount of settlement is still not known, though the jury was not timely informed about the settlement rules a verdict of $4 million as compensation against all 5 manufacturers.

John Crane, a the Newport reports, was one company for which the jury ruled to pay 30% of the total damages, totaling to $1.2 million.


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