The purpose of the clinical trials is to find cures and ways of better treatment of different diseases, such as mesothelioma and asbestosis. These are the diseases for which, no cure has been found so far. So many families get deprived from their loved ones, when after diagnosis, they close their eyes and pass away suddenly, but helplessly, in a year or two.

Researchers continue their study, and the discovered drugs are first tried on different animals. If the results are promising, mesothelioma patients are requested to come forward and volunteer for the clinical trials.During these clinical trials , keen observation is made to keep a check on the safety and effectiveness of the drug being administered to the volunteer patients

The purpose of treating the patient with the newly invented drug is to provide a better forms of treatment than the traditional ones, and also to find a way for the cancer prevention.

This research in the clinical trials is evaluated in different stages, called as phases. These phases are from phase ‘ trial one’ to phase’ trial four.’ Beginning from phase one, and advancing up to the final stage, these phases are described in detail as follows:

!) Phase Trial one. In this phase, a series of tests are done to determine, how the new drug has to be administered, The safety of the drug is evaluated, considering its side effects.
In this phase, the study group is small, ranging from 20 to thirty participants.

1) Phase Trial two: Once the safety of a drug is established, it is compared to the treatments of the previous drugs to observe and check its effectiveness on a single disease or on a group of diseases. The main purpose is to learn the effectiveness of the new drug for a specific application. A larger group of about 300 volunteer patients of mesothelioma participates in this phase.

3) Phase Trial three: This is the final step, before the drug can be approved by the concerned authorities. The research confirms the effectiveness of the drug on the mesothelioma patients, keenly observing the side effects, and comparing the drug with the existing drugs for a better evaluation. Larger groups of 1000 to 3000 participants help the research to continue towards success.

4) Phase Trial Four: Post marketing studies are the main feature of this phase. In order to ensure patients’ safety, exploration continues through medication, surgery and other therapies, and the alternative therapy.

During the research work from phase one to phase four, the treatment options keep on varying, depending upon the diagnostic features. The advantage of this participation, helps the patient to become more active, by understanding the new techniques, discussing the research technology with his fellow volunteers and the scholars.


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