The UK Prime Minister has been accused of betrayal due to a ruling against allowing compensation for individuals with pleural plaques.

Mesothelioma Cancer News (UK) – The UK government has been accused by asbestos victims of betraying them after reportedly reneging on promises to help them. As reported by the, asbestos victims recently stated that Prime Minister Gordon Brown did not keep his promise to seek legal action for workers suffering from asbestos exposure.

As noted in the report, a recent Lords Law ruling against allowing sufferers of pleural plaques, an early detection of asbestos related cancer, the right to compensation was a disappointment for campaigners for asbestos victims.

Alan Ritchie with builders’ workers union UCATT is quoted in the report as stating of the issue, “This is a complete betrayal of working-class people. Compensation for pleural plaques is not only about the medical evidence… The point is that workers were negligently exposed to asbestos, have been told that their lungs have been damaged as a result of that exposure and now have to live with the fear of developing a fatal asbestos disease.”

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