The asbestos lawsuit is settled after six years.

Mesothelioma Cancer News (Blount County, Tennessee) – A lawsuit against an aluminum company over alleged asbestos contamination has been settled. As reported by WVLT, a former employee of the company, whose daughter died from mesothelioma, alleges that exposure to asbestos from his clothing fibers while he worked for Alcoa Aluminum is what contributed to her developing the disease.

Doug Satterfield is quoted in the report as stating of the settlement, “Victory on Amanda’s behalf for what she wanted done for employees but she had to die to make all this happen… It’s a tremendous load off our shoulders. We can move forward and get done some of the things that Amanda wanted to get done.” Amanda Satterfield, who was reportedly diagnosed with mesothelioma while in her early 20s, passed away in 2005.

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