Federal officials seek to determine extent of asbestos contamination following a fire.

Mesothelioma Cancer News (Elyria, Ohio) – The Environmental Protection Agency is currently investigating the extent of possible asbestos contamination following a fire at a former General Industries site. As reported by The Chronicle Telegram, the agency has hired contractors to sort through the building remains for their investigation.

Owner of the property, John Peshek, has reportedly expressed the belief that asbestos will not be found throughout the property. Jim Augustyn, EPA spokesman, is quoted as stating of Peshek’s view, “Mr. Peshek has made several statements that the bricks were not contaminated, and site sampling will provide us with more information to refine estimates on cleaning up the property.”

Augustyn is further quoted as stating of the matter, “The problem we are facing with Mr. Peshek is he wants to do the cleanup, but he doesn’t have the financial assets to do the cleanup. So until he can find suitable finances, the U.S. EPA is moving forward with preparing to do the cleanup ourselves.”

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