Police find illegally dumped asbestos during the arrest of a gang of criminals.

Mesothelioma Cancer News (UK) – Police made arrests of individuals engaged in organized crime and found asbestos that had been dumped illegally. As reported by The Northern Echo, police in County Durham, arrested several individuals connected to organized crime last week suspected of committing numerous environmental offenses.

Julian Carrington, North-East manager with the Environment Agency, is quoted in the report as stating of the arrests, “This is a major operation and shows the extent to which organized criminal groups are involved in the illegal dumping of waste… This is serious crime with serious penalties, including up to five years in prison and unlimited fines.”

Deputy Chief Constable Mike Barton is further quoted as stating, “This is the start of a concerted and relentless campaign to rid County Durham of an organized crime group whose seemingly respectable business front is a sham, and operates outside the law.”

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