The state of New York has begun an investigation into the possible improper removal of a boiler, which may have contributed to asbestos contamination.

Mesothelioma Cancer News (Auburn, New York) – The removal of a boiler has prompted a state investigation over possible asbestos contamination. As reported by The Post-Standard, concerns have been raised over a boiler laden with asbestos being removed improperly, and releasing asbestos contaminants as well as carbon monoxide into an apartment and commercial building.

As noted in the report, residents and workers were instructed by firefighters to vacate the building soon after the incident occurred. Eileen Wunder, manager of the Metropolitan insurance office, is quoted as stating of the quick evacuation, “They made us aware it was a dangerous problem and then they cleared us out.”

Residents and workers were reportedly allowed to return to the building hours after it had been checked.

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