Conflict between two asbestos manufacturers has caused a delay in compensation to victims who are dying of asbestos related diseases.

Mesothelioma Cancer News (Australia) – Claims of compensation for victims of asbestos contamination have been delayed as a result of a feud between two asbestos manufacturers over how to split the responsibility, following a previous arrangement to divide the costs. As reported by The Australian, a conflict between James Hardie and CSR has put compensation for victims in limbo.

Steve Plunkett with Slater and Gordon, which represent many of the asbestos claims, is quoted in the report as stating of the company’s fighting, “They just won’t talk to each other and when someone has got six to eight months to live and they are beating their chest for six months over who pays what, it just should not be happening… It’s cruel, inhumane and these are corporate giants carrying on like kids in a school yard that has an effect on these poor people.”

Plunkett is further quoted as stating, “If you are acting with someone with terminal cancer, you just want to resolve it in their lifetime so they have a chance to do something with the compensation… While James Hardie and CSR seek to blame each other, sick and dying asbestos victims hoping to settle their claims are being put through unbearable stress and suffering, even though employers’ insurers are often willing to settle the matters.”

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