The River Bend school board discussed potential fines following a possible asbestos violation during an abatement project.

Fulton, Illinois (Mesothelioma Cancer News) – The River Bend school board discussed possible fines regarding an asbestos abatement project in a meeting Monday. As reported by the Clinton Herald, the board members tried to assess the possible costs, and potential fines for a project to remove asbestos from a high school classroom.

Superintendent Jane Bauer is quoted in the report as stating of the issue, “I just know, that we have done every single thing right. And we are being accused of allowing abatement to take place by someone who’s not licensed. And that is not the truth, but that is how the state is portraying it at this time.”

As noted in the report, the board also approved a bid from abatement specialists for the completion of the project.

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