Corpus Christi city engineers make plans for both options while decisions are made on whether to save or destroy the Memorial Coliseum.

Corpus Christi (Mesothelioma Cancer News) – Corpus Christi city engineers are developing plans for both saving and destroying a local coliseum as decisions are being made on which avenue to take. As reported by, the city has decided to pursue the option of making preparations for the demolition of the Memorial Coliseum as well as making plans to save it, which will lead to extra expenses.

As noted in the report, the demolition of the coliseum will require an inspection for asbestos and possible abatement. The inspection and report is estimated to cost $5,000, in addition to another estimated $50,000 for an in house demolition plan. Costs will also be incurred for negotiations on saving the property.

As further noted in the report, the deadline for a final vote by the council for which route to take is January 12.

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