A council accused of exposing employees to asbestos has been fined.

UK (Mesothelioma Cancer News) – The City of Edinburgh Council has been fined for allegedly exposing employees to asbestos. As reported by BBC News, the council was fined 14,000 pounds after 10 people who worked for the council were exposed while carrying out a project that required them to cut a hole through a door that had been removed from a school and brought to its joiner’s workshop.

As noted in the report, concerns surfaced over white powder that had been released during the cutting, which led to testing of the dust and the subsequent finding of asbestos. Sheriff Isabella McColl is quoted by BBC News as stating while sentencing the council, “The degree of risk regarding asbestos must be regarded as very grave indeed… It is well known to be carcinogenic and a risk for those in the building trade.”

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