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(Mesothelioma Cancer News) – Claims that maritime workers working on a major gas project were exposed to asbestos are reportedly being investigated. As reported by The Sunday Times, Chevron is conducting the investigation after reports of asbestos ridden dust spillage on deck from old storage bins.

Colin Beckett, General Manager of Chevron, is quoted in the report as stating of the claims, “Anybody that raises a concern we take very seriously… There is no question that the asbestos is in drums and as far as I know, and we are carrying out an investigation on this, these drums are all sealed. When we had the last union visit at Christmas they were shown these asbestos drums, which were ready to be exported.”

Chris Cain, WA branch secretary of the Maritime Union, is reportedly calling for an investigation by the government into the issue. Cain is quoted by The Sunday Times as stating of the matter, “If the drums were sealed as they are saying why would the dust be falling onto the deck of the ship?… If they are saying its in bins and it is a sealed bin in a container my people wouldn’t see it. My people have picked it up off the ship and said lets get this tested.”