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Ambler, PA (Mesothelioma Cancer News) – The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), recently provided information about the initial stages of its Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study of the BoRit asbestos site. As reported by Ambler Gazette, the EPA outlined the first phase of the investigation at a meeting of the Community Advisory Group.

As noted in the report, the Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study, which began in November, is an evaluation process for the site that is projected to take up to five years. The BoRit site was reportedly used for asbestos material disposal until the 1980s.

The first phase of the investigation included the collection of various samples for testing. Lucinda Pype of engineering firm CDM, is quoted in the report as stating during her presentation on work completion in phase one of the study, “The perimeter air sampling was to monitor the drilling conditions… Really, the purpose was to make sure the work wasn’t upsetting the fibers.”