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U.K. (Mesothelioma Cancer News) – The Homes and Communities Agency has reportedly reached a settlement with a plumber who sought damages for his asbesots related illness. As reported by Inside Housing, 80 year-old Albert Heaps, who worked for English Partnerships for 15 years, alleged in his complaint that he was exposed to asbestos while carrying out duties related to his job during the course of his employement.

A spokesperson for the HCA is quoted in the report as stating of the settlement, “Without any admission of liabilty, the HCA took a commercial and case specific decision to settle, on a provisional basis, a claimant’s claim for pleural thickening allegedly caused by exposure to asbestos dust while allegedly employed with the former Stevenage Development Corporation between 1966 and 1981… This settlement was embodied in an order for the court’s approval which was filed with the court by the claimant’s legal representatives on 8 February 2010. As a consequence, a trial which was listed for hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice on 18 February 2010 will not take place.”