Potsdam, New York (MesotheliomaCancerNews.com) — The asbestos removal efforts from New York’s Potsdam Civic Center has been completed following the death of a long time employee, Sharon M. LaDuke.

Village officials told a local newspaper that asbestos tests were carried out in the courtroom. In addition, other key areas were cleaned of asbestos and follow up tests showed no signs of the toxic fibers.

The project cost about $50,000, but the overall project is still not complete as other parts of the civic center, including the basement, still contain asbestos.

Ms. LaDuke died from mesothelioma, and her family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the village, alleging wrongful death caused by hazardous work conditions.

Former senior court clerk Shelley A. Warner is also suing the village, arguing she was terminated after she publicly expressed concerns about asbestos at the civic center.

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