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A firehouse in Bogota, New Jersey is now facing asbestos exposure concerns after the toxic substance was found in the building’s basement.

Firefighters are regularly exposed to the hazardous material while on the job, but now the firefighters must take additional precautions inside the walls of their firehouse.

An official from the New Jersey Department of Health Senior Services the mesothelioma-causing asbestos material on the basement pipes and notified the public safety inspector. Bogota firefighters have not reported any health problems.

This news does not necessarily mean the firefighters are in the clear. Despite the current absence of health problems, individuals exposed to asbestos may discover complications of their asbestos exposure, later in life. Asbestos has been known to cause several serious diseases, including mesothelioma, a rare and incurable disease that attacks the body’s mesothelium.

Due to the disease’s dormant nature, doctors often diagnose patients in the later stages of their disease. Treatment of the disease is palliative, rather than curative.

PEOSHA will conduct an additional inspection of the firehouse on July 30. If the asbestos is identified, the borough will make a decision to either encapsulate the asbestos, or go forward with asbestos abatement.

“Encapsulation is the cheapest option…But it’s unlikely we’ll use this because it would require annual training for employees, which would be very cumbersome,” said Borough Administrator Leonard Nicolosi.

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