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Easthampton, Massachusetts – An asbestos cleanup project is set to begin in Easthampton following an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finding of contamination of the toxic mineral behind a local facility. As reported by WWLP.com, the soil behind a building located on Wemelco Way has been found to contain asbestos, and a project to cleanup the area has been planned. The companies that own the property will reportedly have to pay $833,000 for the cleanup project in addition to more than $72,000 to the EPA.

Lisa Laveck of Easthampton is quoted in the report as stating of concerns about the asbestos finding on the property, which is located near a dance studio, “I’m concerned that my kids go to school here. You don’t have to be close to it but it could still be airborne. It’s very dangerous.”

Asbestos exposure is linked to serious health conditions such as mesothelioma lung cancer.

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