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Chattanooga – A woman was sentenced to prison after faking having breast cancer. As reported by News Channel 9, 39-year-old Keele Maynor was sentenced to 42 months in prison by Hamilton County Judge Don Poole after she allegedly conned people, charities, and other groups out of money and care for five years, leading them to believe she was dying of the disease.

Maynor, who attributed her actions to childhood abuse, is quoted in the report as stating, “I didn’t feel like anybody loved me, or that I was loved. I was just feeling very, very down.”

Judge Pool is further quoted as stating in his decision, “Not one person, or not one case, or two cases, or three cases, but throughout Hamilton county, taking advantage of people who want to care for each other and want to love each other and help you… Ms. Maynor took advantage of that.”

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