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A burst steam pipe beneath Milk Street in Boston’s Post Office Square has city officials concerned about asbestos exposure. The pipe busted through the pavement, sending dirt and debris into the air and leaving a large hole in the ground.

“You couldn’t see. There was like a lot of fog and everything,” a pedestrian said.

Hazmat workers arrived at the scene to clean up any toxic substances, including asbestos. Initially, it was unknown if high levels of the highly dangerous material had contaminated the area.

Roadways were closed off after the steam pipe burst, however no asbestos was discovered on site.

Asbestos is a highly dangerous material often found in many older structures. When disturbed, the particles can become airborne. Those exposed to airborne asbestos run an extremely high risk for mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma is a highly aggressive, inoperable asbestos cancer, which affects close to 3,000 Americans every year.

Workers are in the process of repairing the steam pipe.

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