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St. Louis – A St. Louis woman battling mesothelioma believes the condition is linked to a hug with her father. As reported by KSDK, Julie Gundlach, 39, says her exposure to the toxic mineral that causes the disease, asbestos, was likely from contact with her father, who worked around it.

Gundlach is quoted in the report as stating of her father, who died in 2005, “He worked around and with asbestos all the time… and as a commercial electrician he spent days crawling through insulation and ceilings and just becoming coated with it.”

Gundlach is now reportedly cancer-free after extended aggressive treatment and aids in helping raise funds for mesothelioma research. She is further quoted as stating, “My future, I don’t know what it holds, but it will be long… It will be long and I am going to sit on my front porch very old in a rocking chair and probably yell at the kids on the street.”

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