Worries of an asbestos release into local neighborhoods after the Toastmaster building fire have many contacting Asbestos Attorneys.


Chicago, IL – (MesotheliomaCancerNews.com) A fire that damaged the Toastmaster plant in Algonquin, Illinois earlier this month has caused local residence to contact Asbestos Attorneys. Fears of asbestos contamination affecting the adjoining neighborhood are widespread and a real concern for those living in the vicinity.


Among those at the scene of the fire was Deputy Police Chief Ed Urbam. Commenting on the concern over asbestos he remarked, “the presence of asbestos cannot be confirmed” but “the site and demolition activities will be treated as if asbestos is present.” The Toastmaster plant is a gutted 94-year-old structure and some residents believe the cancer-causing material is likely there. Residences who believe asbestos was present have already began contacting leading Chicago area Asbestos Attorneys.


The cause of the fire remains undetermined and may never be known report authorities. The three-story brick factory had been vacant since Toastmaster moved out in 1989 and was entirely vacant when the fire struck. The Illinois Department of Transportation had bought the previously condemned building and planned to tear it down to make way for the Route 31 bypass around downtown Algonquin. Since the fire the Toastmaster plant has been scheduled for demolished.


Asbestos, like that believed to have been in the Toastmaster plant, causes Mesothelioma Lung Cancer and Asbestosis. It can take years for disease symptoms to develop once exposed to asbestos. Although the presence of asbestos in the Toastmaster plant is unconfirmed, residents of neighborhoods nearby the fire are urged to contact an Asbestos Attorney with questions and concerns over their legal rights.


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