San Francisco, CA – ( In a recent case of Mesothelioma litigation, a California man named Rogelio Lowe has just been sentenced to three months of house arrest as well as 300 hours of community service due to fraud. California Mesothelioma attorneys report that Rogelio was caught teaching fraudulent asbestos removal classes to students at E&D Environmental Safety Training Inc. These classes did not follow the proper rules, regulations or federal laws.

In order for a worker to be considered a certified asbestos remover, one has to complete a four-day, 32-hour training course. These courses educate the students through lectures, demonstrations and even 14 hours of hands-on training say Mesothelioma litigation specialists. At the end of the proper training, each student must pass a closed-book examination in order to become certified. These strict practices keep both the workers and those around them safe from asbestos by insuring proper handling of the toxic mineral.

This California Mesothelioma litigation case concluded that not only did Lowe fail to teach the students for the required amount of days, but he also shortened class times, gave out answers to the examinations and took tests for the students. After issuing the students their certificates, Lowe would charge their employers say California Mesothelioma attorneys.

The risks that are associated with the incorrect removal of asbestos are very high. Asbestos was once used in building materials prior to its ban in the United States. Now that the hazards of asbestos are known, it needs to be removed from older building before they are renovated or torn down.

One of the main consequences of asbestos exposure is the development of Mesothelioma. If asbestos is disturbed, it releases small and hazardous fibers into the air. Once these fibers become airborne, they are easily inhaled by anyone in close proximity. The diagnosis of Mesothelioma cancer is on the rise, resulting in a flood of Mesothelioma litigation cases against those who exposed the infected to asbestos.

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