Diagnoses of the deadly cancer known as Mesothelioma are steadily gaining speed around the world report leading Mesothelioma Attorneys.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – (Mesothelioma Lawyer News) Mesothelioma, which is a cancer that is caused by exposure to asbestos, is on the rise report Mesothelioma Attorneys. The National Institute of Health has estimated that for every four or five cases of Mesothelioma cancer that is diagnosed, there is one case that will never be reported due to misdiagnosis or lack of medical assistance.

Mesothelioma cancer is a result of exposure to asbestos say Mesothelioma Lawyers. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was often used in products and buildings for its insulating and flame retardant qualities. If disturbed, small asbestos fibers travel through the air and embed themselves into the membranes of people in close proximity. Once the fibers become embedded in the membranes of the body, they form scar tissue and carcinogenic cells will begin to proliferate.

The asbestos fibers eventually cause a certain type of cancer, known as Mesothelioma, to develop. This cancer normally presents itself or Mesothelioma symptoms 20 to 50 years after the initial exposure of the asbestos. At that time, chances of survival are poor and all a Mesothelioma Attorney can do is assist the victim in seeking justice and financial compensation.

Asbestos is not only an abundant product but it is cheap. Many developing countries are continuing to import and use this dangerous product even though the risks are deadly. People around the world are recognizing the growing number of Mesothelioma cases and dangers of the asbestos mineral fibers. If proper precautions are not taken say Mesothelioma Lawyers, the number of global Mesothelioma cases may continue to increase as time goes on.

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