A Montana town has its day in court decades after widespread asbestos contamination.

Libby, Montana (MesotheliomaCancerNews.com) Court proceedings for the case of a Montana town polluted with asbestos by a mining company for decades got under way early this week. As reported by CNN, the trial has begun for W.R. Grace & Company, which federal prosecutors allege polluted the town of Libby, Montana, and contributed to the deaths of 200 people, and illness of 1,000.

David Uhlmann, former top prosecutor of environmental crimes for the Justice Department, is quoted in the CNN report as stating of the case, “There’s never been a case where so many people were sickened or killed by environmental crime… It’s the most significant environmental criminal prosecution that’s ever been brought.”

The mining company, which had operations in Libby that produced vermiculite that contained asbestos, stands accused of knowingly releasing asbestos and concealing related dangers from residents of the town as well as employees of the mine.

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