Sufferers of mesothelioma are seeking a compensation fund from the British government. – Citizens in attendance at Action Mesothelioma Day requested that the British Government provide a compensation fund for individuals who suffer from asbestos-related illnesses. As reported by, certain groups are taking measures to see that compensation is granted to victims of asbestos exposure, including campaigning for a central compensation fund.

The British Lung Foundation recently organized Action Mesothelioma Day in an effort to increase awareness about the hazards of asbestos exposure. Many cases pertain to victims who were exposed to toxic asbestos while on the job, and employed by manufacturing companies fully aware of workers being at risk.

As noted in the report, the proposed Employer’s Liability fund would function similarly to the British Motor Insurers’ Bureau, which assists victims involved in accidents with drivers who are not insured.

Derek Simpson, Unite Joint General Secretary, is quoted in the report as releasing a statement acknowledging the issue saying, “We will continue to fight for those who have been affected to ensure they receive adequate compensation. We also want to make sure adequate resources are available to find better medical treatments and hopefully a cure.”

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