The trial of W.R. Grace & Co. was delayed on Monday due to a juror’s illness. – The trial of W.R Grace & Co. was put on hold Monday due to the illness of a juror. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), jurors were excused by U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy Monday pending a determination of whether an alternate juror would need to be called.

W.R. Grace & Co., a global chemical company based in Maryland, has been accused of knowingly releasing asbestos from a plant that poisoned a town. The company along with five officials, has been charged with federal environmental crimes that involve violating the Clean Air Act as well as obstructing justice.

As noted by the AP, attorneys for W.R. Grace are seeking to exclude testimony of government witness Aubrey Miller citing of his testimony on issues of public endangerment, “it does not fit the legal issue that the Government hopes to prove through its introduction at trial.”

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