The University of Minnesota has agreed to pay penalties for allegedly violating state asbestos regulations. — The University of Minnesota (UM) will reportedly shell out a large sum in penalties resulting from the school allegedly violating state asbestos regulations. As reported on, officials of the university agreed to pay penalties imposed by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency in the amount of $60,000, after being charged with two exposure incidents.

UM was said to have put over 13,000 students at risk after failing to remove several yards of asbestos from a student movie theater. The university was also charged with leaving wall panels that contained asbestos on its property. UM reportedly denied wrongdoing in both cases, however agreed to pay the fines to resolve the issue.

Of the total amount agreed upon, $50,000 will be provided to a fund used to support campus based education initiatives pertaining to asbestos exposure.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia User Bala from Minneapolis, USA

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