Georgia teacher still cared for by former students after 50 years. – Two students become caregivers to their former teacher 50 years after being in her classroom. As reported by, Gail Rogers Davis and Claudia Sanderson Kirkwood have maintained a relationship with a teacher they credit with positively impacting their lives over decades, their 10th English teacher at Miller High School in Georgia, Yonah Hurt.

Davis and Kirkwood built a friendship with Hurt that has lasted through graduations, marriages, and the start of their careers. Hurt now battles mesothelioma cancer and remains under hospice care, and the two regularly visit with her and also help manage her personal affairs. Kirkwood is quoted in the report as stating of her former teacher and mentor, “We did a lot of growing up sitting on her living room floor… I think she’s heroic… She has had to have a stand-alone kind of courage.”

Hurt, 86, is quoted as stating of her special students, “I don’t know what I would do without them.”

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