The City of Passaic is requesting additional information before proceeding with the removal of asbestos from a landmark.

Mesothelioma Cancer News  — Officials of a New Jersey City are requesting more information before they begin the removal of asbestos at a city landmark. As reported by the Herald News on, the City of Passaic is seeking answers to questions regarding a contractor bid and the work schedule for the removal of asbestos from a historical downtown tower. Concerns have been raised regarding whether the project will interfere with business patronage or pose a public safety risk.

President of the City Council Gary Schaer, is quoted as stating of the matter, “I am very hopeful that the company can provide the answers that we need.” Schaer is further quoted as stating of a renovation project for the landmark, “We’ve waited a long time for [renovation of] this building to happen… We recognize and know that it’s vital to Passaic, not only to the downtown area but to the city.”

Council members are hoping to have the answers they are seeking by next week.

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