New developments are reported in the investigation of asbestos contamination during renovations of a national museum.

Chicago, IL — – A union has labeled the Smithsonian’s actions in handling reported asbestos contamination inexcusable. As reported by the Washington Post, contractors for the Smithsonian have been accused of failing to use the precautions prescribed by law to remove asbestos containing insulation while renovating the National Museum of American History in 2007.As noted in the report, a complaint has been filed against the institute for alleged asbestos exposure caused by the release of the toxic particles during the construction. William Durkin Jr. with the Steamfitters Local 602 union is quoted by the Post as stating of the matter, “The dust became airborne and the air circulation equipment continued to operate.” Durkin is further quoted as writing in a newsletter, “This cavalier attitude is inexcusable.”A hearing has been scheduled by House Administration Committee Chairman Robert A. Brady regarding the issue.Asbestos fiber or dust inhalation can lead to serious health conditions such as mesothelioma lung cancer.

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