Asbestos pieces were reportedly used by children in the Areyonga community for drawing. —  Children in an Aboriginal community in Australia reportedly used asbestos pieces as drawing instruments. As reported by AAP on, the Australian federal government was notified about the hazards to the children living in the Areyonga community last year, however, elders of the area allege that no action has been made to remove the toxic materials which have been left from housing demolitions.

Craig Woods is quoted in the report as stating of the threat the presence of the asbestos poses to children in the community, “Kids like to draw with things so asbestos looked like a chalk to them and they did their drawings and played with the asbestos not knowing that it was a poison.”

Woods is further quoted as stating in an ABC Radio interview, “Because of our remoteness, you know, we can be ignored… The Government knows about this problem and yet they’re not dealing with it.”

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