Dallas, Texas (WiredPRNews.com ) — What is lung Cancer? Lung Cancer is a disease of uncontrollable growth of cells in the infected area of the lungs. The growth may lead to the neighboring tissues.

The Causes of Lung Cancer: There are many causes that determine the presence of the infection of lung cancer. These include the following:

Cigarette Smoking – This is the main cause. The tobacco contains thousands of different chemicals, including a main chemical, which is known as Nicotine. It is surprising to learn that the quantity of nicotine in a single cigarette in enough to kill one rat. Such an infection of lung cancer, due to the smoking of cigarettes is known to the world since the year 1950. Those who smoke cigars and pipes are also open to the risk of this infection of lung cancer but to a lesser degree.

About 90% of the cases of lung cancer are due to the smoking of cigarettes. The calculation of the risk is determined according to the following factors:

– The number of cigarettes, a person smokes daily.
– The age at which a person has stared smoking
– The time period during which he has been smoking.

Risk of non-smokers – This is a known fact that cigarette smoking is the main cause of lung cancer. In a year, 170,000 Americans suffered from this disease about 10% of these were the people who were non smokers. These non smokers inhale the smoke from the other smokers who might be their friends or relatives, colleagues etc. The same effect is found on their lungs as in the case of the normal smokers. The level of infection in peer, friends and relatives of the smokers depends on the length and type of exposure to the second hand smoke.

Tumors – The uncontrollable growth of cells in the infection of lung cancer eventually forms a mass, which is termed as a tumor.

Tumors can be benign or malignant.

– Benign tumors do not spread to the other parts of the body and can be removed through surgery and other means.

– Malignant tumors grow speedily, spreading over the other tissues of the body. This process of spreading is termed as Metastasis.

Radon Gas – The breakdown of radioactive radium generates a colorless and odorless gas called Radon. In fact, it is a waste product of uranium found on the strata of the earth’s crust. Radon gas exposure is the second major cause of lung cancer, after smoking. In places where granite is found under the earth, radon gas is a huge problem.

In the United States, it has been estimated, that one out of every fifteen homes, has a higher risk factor of this type of lung cancer.

Viruses -Infection of lung cancer can occur due to the presence of viruses causing a lot of damage. There are several types of viruses, the main examples are: the human Papitoma Virus(51), J.C. Virus(52), Simian Virus(53), BK Virus, and Cytomegalo Virus creating uncontrollable cell growth, leading to lung cancer.

Asbestos Cancer – Due to the inhalation of the fine fibers of asbestos, particularly by those people who work in shipyards, asbestos mining, construction industry workers, chemical factories, and in the manufacturing sites of asbestos material. This result is in the form of the infection of mesothelium cancer of lungs.

Detecting lung cancer and treatment options available:

This disease can be seen and detected on a chest radiograph and computed tomography, popularly known as CT Scan. The diagnosis is confirmed with a biopsy. A bronchoscopy or a guided CT biopsy is performed depending upon the histological type of cancer, the degree of its spreading and the patient’s own status. Treatment is further carried on through surgery, chemotherapy.or radiotherapy.

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