Residents of a California town request additional tests on debris after asbestos is found.

Individuals in Alameda, California are asking officials to test debris at a former U.S. Navy base for more possible environmental issues after a finding of asbestos. As reported by the Alameda Journal, officials in the city have expressed the belief that the asbestos findings pose no public health risks after meeting with several agency representatives including those from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District; however, city officials are prepared to investigate subsequent issues related to residential concerns.

Fire Chief Dave Kapler is quoted in the report as stating of the discovery, “The amount of debris that possibly contained asbestos was minimal… And asbestos isn’t easily released into the air unless it’s broken up or something else happens to it.”

Area resident Liz Williams is further quoted in the report as remarking of the concerns, “The fear is that, even though it’s nonfriable asbestos, it will be disturbed and broken apart and then it gets free… And then it becomes microscopic particles and gets into people’s lungs.”

Asbestos exposure can lead to mesothelioma cancer and other serious health issues.

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