Australia store owners still waiting for government’s asbestos abatement approval.

New York, NY(–As reported by ABC News, five retail sites at the Cooleman Court shopping center were found to contain asbestos in an air conditioning duct. Australia’s government officials temporarily closed the stores in cooperation with the Mirvac Group, owners of the shopping center. Asbestos injuries affect workers, consumers, and residences throughout the United Sates and internationally.

Since the five businesses temporary closures over Easter weekend, three have reopened but two remain closed. Business owners for the retail establishments continue to be inoperable until the asbestos is removed through an asbestos abatement project. Asbestos is a known carcinogen and was used for decades in the construction of homes, businesses and government buildings. Asbestos fibers can be found in materials used for roofing, flooring, wall board, duct work, and pipe insulation. Inhaling asbestos fibers through direct or secondary exposure to the toxic material can cause serious illness and injury including mesothelioma cancer. news for New York asbestos injury cases.

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