Asbestos lawsuit before U.S. District Court judge in Missoula explodes!

Missoula, MT(–On Monday, U.S. District Court Judge Donald Molloy, who is hearing the federal prosecution case of W.R. Grace & Company in Missoula, Montana, scolded lawyers, for the government, in court on Monday. As reported by United Press International, the judge, in the Montana asbestos injury lawsuit, claims attorneys for the government have misstepped the judicial process and violated court orders. The federal judge dismissed charges against one of the five charged Grace executives, who was accused of knowing about asbestos dangers, actively covering up the potential for serious injury, and further failed to protect mine workers.

The federal asbestos violations attorneys, with the United States government, have accused Grace company executives of knowingly exposing their vermiculite mine workers and the innocent residents of Libby, Montana to harmful asbestos containing materials and fibers. Prosecuting attorneys assert mining company managers and leaders did nothing to protect workers, laborers, and local residents from the harms caused by direct and secondary exposure to asbestos materials. Environmental scientists, who specialize in asbestos injury claim an unusually high number of Libby residents have died from asbestos related diseases and illnesses like mesothelioma lung cancer and asbestosis. news for Montana mesothelioma lawyers

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