Dallas, TX: It is the right of the mesothelioma patient to know and understand, as an individual, the forecast and chances for survival, once it is confirmed and diagnosed that he is suffering from mesothelioma cancer..

The main point, to be considered, is that the patient wants to understand the disease, its progress, and the prognosis being related with his survival. There are various prognostic sources. These are as follows;

The beginning of prognosis

The basic thing to understand is that how this forecast data is determined. The information is based on the statical figures, provided by analyzing different cases of the mesothelioma patients. The clinical check-ups, and the routine pathological reports, are of great assistance to understand the disease level of the patients This information is based on genuine facts, but sometimes the prognosis report may not turn out to be true.

Asbestos cancer cases may differ from an individual to another individual, depending upon the over-all stamina, health level, commencement of the treatment, its progress and the effectiveness. One has to view critically, all these reports, before taking into consideration, the forecast of survival.

Analyzing statically:

If the symptoms diagnosed, are at a later stage in life, or if the cancerous cells have spread to the neighboring areas, becoming malignant, the prognostic reports may not be favorable. Such patients are given the sad news that the expected chances of survival are not more than a year, but sometime, these reports do not appear to be true. Due to prompt treatment, and the strong will of the patient to survive against all the hazards, it has been seen that such patients have survived for another five to ten years


The diagnosis plays a vital role, the earlier the diagnosis, the better the treatment and the higher,the chances of survival. As said earlier, those, who have been exposed to asbestos directly or indirectly and have a feeling that they might be facing the disease in the years to come, should contact the concerned doctors for medical monitoring.


Treatment is the principal factor that plays an important role in an individual’s life for the forecast of the disease and for the prognosis. It solely depends on the patient’s health, the level of the development of the infection, and the doctors understanding as to how the disease is crossing its routine path. He is then able to suggest and prescribe, either one or combined therapies of surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.

This progressive information is the prognosis report, that has been changing gradually with the positive base of treatment and proving better chances of survival for the mesothelioma patient.


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