Chicago, IL–  (Mesothelioma Cancer News ) — While discussing mesothelioma of Pleura, Peritoneal mesothelioma and Pericardial mesothelioma cancer, we conclude that among the three, Pericardial mesothelioma is the rarest form of mesothelioma in which the cancerous cells surround the heart and its tissues. These cancerous cells also effect functioning of the heart and the production of lubricant fluid.

Though Pericardial mesothelioma cancer cases amount to only 10% of the mesothelioma cases, yet it is considered to be the deadliest among other asbestos cancers at its directly effects the heart.

The cause of this particular type of cancer is still not fully known. Though theories exist about how pericardial mesothelioma takes effect once asbestos fibers are inhaled. Some doctors observe that once asbestos fibers are inhaled they pass through pharynx, then through the bronchi and finally settle finally inside the lungs and its cavities but after reaching the lungs, the tiny particles of asbestos make their way through the pleura of the lungs to the heart cavity while some doctors believe that tiny asbestos particles circulate with the blood and settle in the lining tissues of the heart.

With the completion of the process and after the expiry of the latent period cancerous cells and tumors start growing and starts effecting the heart. It interferes with the heart functioning and disturbs the blood pumping process.

The patient, then complains of irregular heartbeat, chest pain and hard breathing.

Limited treatment options are available in this case as the disease is usually diagnosed at an advanced stage. Usually easing off of pain is advised as surgery or removal of organ is not possible.

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