With mesothelioma cancer, the motto is “survival of the fittest.” Ruth Phillips, 56, whose will to live, changed this motto to ‘survival for the courageous.’

After being diagnosed with peritoneal mesothlioma in 1999, doctors gave Ruth a prognosis of eight to twelve months. But her determination to live and face the challenge forced her to come forward. She fought the disease making her able to face the world for another nine years, continuing her daily routine work, living in a normal style and taking care of the peritoneal mesothelioma, and its consequences.

The details of the diagnosis

She said that after being diagnosed in Georgia, her disease was termed as ovarian cancer. By means of exploratory leprotomy, the doctors discovered that the cancerous cells had covered her omentum, which was then removed through surgery. The spreading cancer had covered one quarter of her abdominal walls. It was also observed that several thousands of poppy-seed size tumors had spread all over her small and large intestinal areas. Surgery was then not possible. It was then confirmed that the disease was mesothelioma, in combination with STAGE 3B, the ovarian cancer she was then sent for the chemo treatment of the ovarian cancer.

Steps were also taken for a second pathological report on the pressure of the lady .These reports were provided to her by the Armed Forces Institute, proving that she, indeed, had a peritoneal mesothelioma cancer.

It was actually after confirmation that the doctors gave her a prognosis of eight to twelve months to live.


She was shocked but was determined her online research led her to The memorial Kettering, a cancer research institute. The doctor, who has so far treated 7 patients and claimed that his patients lived longer sent Ruth on the path to her destiny. She went on to adapt IAT IAT (Immuno Augmentilive Therapy) being explained in the WSG TV program and decided to use IAT. Her years were then spend visiting the clinic for the therapy. She also self administered herself with pain relievers and also tried out Neural Therapy.

Ruth, did defeat death, fought mesothelioma cancer with the aid of therapies and treatment her family and her husband helped her out, she lives and has become symbol of courage and determination.

The full interview with mesothelioma survivor Ruth Phillips is available in the news section of the Surviving Mesothelioma website available here: http://www.survivingmesothelioma.com

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