An Oregon developer has been arrested for air pollution felonies.

Mesothelioma Cancer News (Oregon) – An Oregon developer has been arrested after being charged with several air pollution felonies. As reported by the Albany Democrat-Herald, Dan Desler was arrested early this week in Sweet Home on the felony charges of unlawful air pollution. He has also been charged with the misdemeanors of supplying false information and reckless endangerment.

As noted in the report, Desler has been accused of contributing to the release of asbestos into the air after authorizing a demolition project at a former mill site of Willamette Industries. Heidi Sternhagen, Linn Deputy District Attorney is quoted by the Albany Democrat-Herald as stating the Department of Environmental Quality typically makes attempts to work with pollution offenders, “But sometimes, based on the extent and the history they have with the person, they make a decision there has to be a criminal investigation, and in this case, they did.”

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